Captain Theodore Thunder

 Captain is an AKC registered American Golden retriever. He is OFA hip certified GOOD. He has a blocky build with a beautiful full coat that is feathered and soft. Captain loves to play fetch and explore the farm.

(GR-PRA1, Ich, MD, prcd-PRA clear)

Major Buxton


Dahlia Day of Dreams

 " Dolly " is our attentive and friendly girl . She is AKC registered and was a puppy carefully selected from Captain's and Autumn's OFA certified genetic lines. She has a nice balanced athletic build and excellent retrieving ability. Her coat is a medium length with beautiful coloring and wave.

( GR-PRA1&2, Ich, MD, prcd-PRA clear )


 Calista's Everlasting Sunshine

  Calista is from an exceptional litter born here at our farm. A puppy of our beautiful Sunsette. She is OFA hip certified GOOD and  has a nice blocky athletic build. Playing fetch is her favorite game. She is an AKC registered light golden  retriever coming from OFA hip and elbow Certified genetic lines.

( GR-PRA1 & 2, Ich, MD,prcd-PRA clear )


Mahrzella's Moonlight Minuette

 "Marzie" is an AKC registered dark golden retriever. She comes from a  long line of beautiful dark coated retrievers. Half sister to Sedona, she has a very even build with a square head and soft coat. Her retrieving ability is unmatched, and her temperament is very sweet and gentle.

(GR-PRA 1&2, MD, Ich, prcd-PRA clear)


Sergeant T. Bear

"Sarge" is our handsome English Cream boy coming from outstanding imported Champion bloodlines. He is AKC Registered with OFA hip certification GOOD. He is very sweet and mellow and loves to play ball. He greets us with a smile and a wagging tail that is sure to your heart!

( GR-PRA1 & 2 , MD, Ich, prcd-PRA clear )

Spring Meadow Birdsong Symphony

 Symphony  is an AKC registered English Golden retriever with a quiet and gentle disposition. She has an athletic build with a beautiful  white coat that is full and soft. Symphony is OFA Hip Certified GOOD. She comes from some of the best Dewmist and Montego lines in America today with over 10 champions in her bloodlines.

( GR-PRA1 & 2, MD, prcd-PRA clear )


Major Buxton


Red Cliff

 " Bucky" is our dark coated young male. He is AKC registered and comes from a line of dark coated retrievers. He is OFA Hip certified GOOD. He has a nice full build and excellent retrieving ability. He is a friendly fellow who loves to play ball.

(GR-PRA1 & 2, MD, Ict, prcd-PRA clear )

Sergeant T. Bear

 "Sarge" is an AKC registered White  Golden Retriever with more than 10 International champions in his bloodlines! This means health and trainability! He is OFA Hip Certified GOOD with a mild mannered, sweet and affectionate temperament . He loves to fetch and explore here at our farm.

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Buck Family Farm

Golden Retrievers

Sedona Claret

Sedona is an AKC registered Dark  Golden. She has a rich toned, smooth silky coat. She is OFA hip certified GOOD and comes from a long line of dark coated retrievers. She is a sensitive girl with a sweet endearing personality. She is affectionate and loyal. 

( GR-PRA1 & 2 , MD,  prcd-PRA clear )


Misty Mountain Melody

Our AKC registered light golden retriever, "Sweet Misty" was born here at our farm, and hand picked from Sunsette . She has the most beautiful gate and feather soft coat. Along with her pretty face she has a mild, eager to please disposition which matches her petite She is also from OFA hip and elbow certified genetic lines.

( GR-PRA1 & 2 , MD, prcd-PRA clear )