I wanted to share a picture of our boy 'Keel' of Calista's litter born 6/24/17.  He bring us such unbelievable joy!  He is so smart and handsome...wonderful and beautifully made đź’•


Hi Matt & Kelly, 
Summit has been growing into such a beautiful boy. He turned 6 months today and absolutely loves swimming, going out on the boat & of course, retrieving. His coat is starting to darken  and he is just the sweetest thing!! He is weighing in at 50 lbs already! We actually referred our family friends to your farm, and they deposited on a puppy in Sedona’s current litter. Hope you are all doing well!
Cara & Max

C.J. Bear Christmas 2015


Christmas 2016

"Hi Kelly,
I just wanted to send a quick email and introduce you to my dog Rigby - he was a puppy from Buxton & Sedona's litter last spring (March 24, 2017 - green collar boy). I just wanted to express that he is the most gentle, calm (other then when we are playing outside) and well-behaved dog. I could not have received better and I just wanted to thank you and your family for making it all possible! 
I have attached a couple pictures for you to see how much he looks like his parents. He is loving life, getting a lot of outdoor time and constantly learning about new places and new people. 

Thanks again and I hope all is well,


Christmas 2016

Dear Matt and Kelly,
I can't believe it has already been a full year since our Keith was born. He was the orange boy from Dahlia's June 22, 2017 litter. He has grown to be such a smart, sweet, playful boy and we couldn't love him more. He's a little guy... only 55 pounds, which makes him that much more perfect & adorable! 
Anyway, we will never forget where our little boy came from. Thank you so much for the joy you've added to our family! Here are a few pictures we'd like to share. 
All the best,

"Buck family,
I am sure that your “new dog families” send photos often to give you updates on their dogs, so here comes another one.
Grady born 10/10/17 to Sedona, has transitioned very well into our family...he is truly a spoiled only “child”.  To socialize him, I decided to sneak him into school to cheer up my 2 students who I teach physical education to, even though they are in wheel chairs.   The entire school, all 1,500 students and staff, especially my principal have fallen in love with him
He now comes to school every other week for about 3 hours and melts the hearts of all who see him
The superintendent got a hold of this photo and shared it on twitter and it went viral
Grady has become a superstar!"

Past Litters

And their Fantastic Forever Families!

Buck Family Farm

Golden Retrievers

Hi Kelly,

We celebrated Lorenzo’s first birthday yesterday!!! I couldn’t love him any more, he is the sweetest dog in the world and I feel blessed every day to have him!